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The Ho-Ho-Hotel (and a bottle o' rum)

Ahoy buccaneers! Don’t be afeard fer shiverin’ yer timbers - thar be a cozy little quarters, where any old peglegger can hobble over from main port. A buncha lively mates and lasses will be sailin’ to Davey Jone’s Locker in the rum bilge below, with able seamen to keep the barrels full. O’ course, we swab the poop deck in case ye need to drop yer treasure. Ye’d be a barnacle to dock up anywhere else.

8 chambers be on deck, but ye be walkin’ the plank fer yer voyage. 


Standard twin
Fer yerself ’n’ yer mate.

Standard double chamber
Fer yerself or add a matey.

Standard triple chamber
3 cots, fer all the sea dogs

Double Ensuite
A cot fer 2 landlubbers, ’n’ yer own poopdeck fer scrubbin’.